Secure AR-15

A patented safety device for the AR-15.

Kudzu Arms is a patent holding company. Currently Kudzu Arms holds patents number 10,018,439 B2 and 10,113,825B2. Other designs are in the various stages of development.

Patent (10,018,439 B2) is a safety device specific to AR type firearms and or other firearms that utilize the AR-15 fire control system: trigger, sear, hammer and safety selector arrangement. This device renders the firearm un-dischargeable while deceiving unauthorized persons into believing they have a functioning firearm. A firearm with the safety installed performs ALL functions normally but CANNOT be discharged with the safety device in place. It is specifically designed to foil unknowledgeable operators that obtain a firearm by unethical means and lack the knowledge base of the actual mechanics of the AR and similar firearms.

This information is for dealers and manufacturers only. Please do not disseminate to the general public. My safety device only works if it is not known about.

We will not place a video that demonstrates our device due to the fact that it works due to a lack of knowledge. It cannot stop an individual who is aware of the mechanics of an AR; it is simply used to defend and keep ones safe from unknowledgeable persons. For example, a child cannot pick up the firearm with the safety installed and properly fire it. With the device installed, an unknowledgeable person will come to the conclusion that the firearm is not operating correctly and requires repair.

Thus, posting a video of the safety in operation is counterproductive to the goals of our company. A knowledgeable person, however, can render the firearm operable in mere seconds. Licensing rights are available, as well as exclusive rights and a complete buyout.

The second patent that has been approved for Kudzu Arms is designed for the attachment of a secondary sub-caliber working barreled action to be attached via accessory rail to a higher caliber firearm. For example, the design allows for a 10-22 (or similar firearm) to be attached to another firearm via a rail system for the purposes that it would allow somebody who is using an AR platform firearm or another firearm with a rail system to take small game while hunting larger game. The idea behind this would be to attach a suppressed 10-22 (or similar firearm) to a larger firearm; for instance, to be able to quietly shoot squirrels while hunting deer. Patent available for sale.

About Us

President, Chris Bailey, graduated from Trinidad Colorado’s gunsmithing program in the early 1990’s. Kudzu Arms was created as a vehicle to transform his firearm accessory concepts into marketable products. The patents contained in Kudzu Arms represent only a fraction of the marketable shooting industry related products available for development.

The firearms that Chris has enjoyed building the most have been large XP-100 style pistols. They present a greater ballistic challenge because it is more difficult to get adequate ballistics from a fifteen inch barrel versus a twenty-four inch barrel. He has XPs chambered in such calibers as 35 Whelen improved and 300 WSM. The picture below depicts an innovative thumb and forefinger rest that allows the XP to be entirely controlled with just the off hand.

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