Welcome to Kudzu Arms

As fast, and unstoppable, as kudzu grows, we’re developing innovative solutions to make the AR-15 an even better platform. Kudzu Arms currently holds several patents, and patents pending, for AR-15 safety systems, attachments, and more.

Growing the Safety and Versatility of the AR Platform

The Kudzu Arms BlockAR (Patented #US 10,018,439 B2)

Available for purchase soon!

The BlockAR is a firearm accessory that allows you to keep your AR in a new SAFE mode. This device protects against the accidental discharge that can be caused by small children. It also keeps it safe from unauthorized users who do not know how the AR functions and its mechanics beyond loading it and pulling the trigger. The BlockAR can be disarmed by a knowledgeable user in less than three seconds. It was designed post-Sandy Hook by an RN, who also has a degree in Gunsmithing, as something to possibly prevent similar future incidents.

Please Note: We are attempting to market an item that only functions as designed if unauthorized persons are unaware of its existence and application. Please don’t post videos concerning the use of our product so that people who shouldn’t know, won’t know. Click the “Learn More” button below for more detailed information about the Kudzu Arms BlockAR.

The Kudzu Arms Undergun (Patented #US 10,113,825 B2)

Available for purchase soon!

The Undergun is another patented hunting and shooting accessory that was designed and built by Kudzu Arms. The Undergun allows a shooter or hunter the versatility of a multi-caliber arrangement for utilizing both small caliber (22LR) cartridges and larger more powerful calibers for shooting different targets or large game.

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