The Kudzu Arms Undergun

Patent #US 10,113,825 B2

What's In The Box?

The Undergun mounted on an AR-10 .308

Target practice with the Undergun

Hunting with the Undergun

Mounting Instructions

    1. Check both firearms to make sure they are unloaded.
    2. Remove the barrel band from the forearm of 10-22. Remove barreled action from stock retaining Take-Down screw.
    3. Place 10-22 barreled action into the main assembly of the mount.
    4. Insert 10-22 action Take-Down screw into mount barreled action assembly; engage threads slightly.
    5. Remove filler screws from scope mount holes unless they have already been removed from the top of 10-22 barreled action.
    6. Place the angle bracket on top of 10-22 barreled action. (See picture).
    7. Insert screws into scope mount holes through the top of the bracket; begin to tighten but do not tighten fully. (Only enough to engage the threads securely).
    8. Add side screws attaching the scope mount bracket to the main barreled action retaining piece. (See picture). Do not fully tighten.
    9. Tap the front of the top mounting bracket rearward, seating the barreled action from the farthest forward position of the mount. Then tighten the main screw on the bottom of the barreled action mount.
    10. Remove the second screw from the front. Insert crossbolt. Reinsert screw. Tighten all top screws inserted into scope mount holes.
    11. Check for proper bolt movement rearward on 10-22 barreled action.
    12. Tighten all side mount screws on the mounting bracket.
    13. Place cross bolts through mounting holes on the bracket. Add retaining nuts to hold in place loosely.
    14. Fix bracket to rail section of post rifle. Tighten screw.

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